Teach The Church To Pray

Prayer is the most basic service and ministry any believer could do for the church or for the world. It does not matter whether you are new in the faith or have been a Christian for a long time. New believers should first be taught to pray properly before getting involved in any other church ministry. Learning to listen to the Spirit’s voice is critical to Christian maturity and the skill to discern God’s leading is best developed in prayer. True discipleship is not measured is the number of activities we get involved in but whether we obey what God tells us to do, provided that we also know how to listen to Him. Jesus warned that we could be so busy doing things for God that we totally miss what really matters. Jason Richard Tan


  • Alison Koh -

    Teach the church to pray is a very satisfying book that a hungry soul yearns for. The author perfectly place together prayer & God’s word which is a vital part of ones’s spiritual discipline. It made easier to pray & convey my deepest longing for God & others by praying through God’s word! Thank you & God bless you more!